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Shorelandr Adjustable Equal Load Bunk System for SLB 40 TBLW-00 5950
Shorelandr at Shoco
Shorelandr Boat Trailer
Shorelandr Double PWC Trailer PWCD2213 5896
Shorelandr Injection Molded Fenders SLB 46 TBS 5962
Shorelandr Profile 2000 Winch Stand for SLB 46 TBS 5959
Shorelandr Rear View of SLB 46 TBS 5969
Shorelandr SLB 40 TBLW-00 5949
Shorelandr Swing Tongue for SLB 40 TBLW-00 5946
Shorelandr Winch Stand 5877

Why ShoreLand’r Boat Trailers?

There are many reasons why ShoreLand’r boat trailers do well over other brands.

This is all because it offers a boat trailer that users can rely on all throughout the year. A trailer that not only looks better but goes farther, as well as lasts longer. You can make the most out of it not just every weekend but every summer escapade.

Explore The Advantages

Among the most important functions of a boat trailer is to provide protection to your boat especially when it is out of its element. ShoreLand’r can do this thanks to the welded Uni-frame built that offers less flex as well as maximum strength to make sure that the trailer will last longer. The custom, enclosed molded fenders will protect the boat from the many different debris obtained from the road. Protective pads on every cross member will safeguard the boat keel once contact has been made during loading.

Easier Maintenance

The Bearing Protectors as well as the Grease Pack Hubs will make positive pressure to help prevent contaminants and water from coming in. This will help prolong the bearing life as well as prevent potential breakdowns, and without the inconvenience of oil bath units.

Boat Trailer Superior Finish

If you select our stunning powder covered finish or perhaps rugged galvanized, you will surely like the additional care we put into ensuring that your trailer will maintain its visual appeal for a very long time.

Safety First

You should have a boat trailer that is fitted with features that can protect your family as well as your boat in case of an emergency. ShoreLand’r does not take any chances. It comes with Disc Brakes to make sure that you have the needed smooth stopping power. You can also keep your boat visible during the evening with DOT endorsed lights. Durable Double Safety Chains will keep the trailer secured to the tow vehicle. The boat will be kept on the trailer with the Durable Double Safety Chains. In the unlikely case that the winch fails, your boat will still be kept on the trailer thanks to the Bow Eye Safety Chain. Our first priority is the safety of our clients.

Hassle Free LED Lighting System

LED lighting system that comes with three independent fully grounded, plug-in wire harness encased inside the frame and tongue tubes. Our LED lights feature top quality circuit boards that are sealed in epoxy as well as sonic welded lens so it could tolerate a marine setting. All of these add up to a trouble free and safe system that you can count on.

Adjustability For The Best Fit

The Perfect Fit suggests better performance at the ramp as well as on the road. This is accomplished with distinctive features such as the fully adjustable, patented, as well as the extremely stylish Profile Performance winch. Moreover, the axles are likewise adjustable to regulate tongue weight for the best balanced trailering that lowers stress on the tow vehicle.

Better Performance On The Road

ShoreLand’r will make the journey as hassle free as possible with features such rolling factory balanced wheels to get less vibration and much better performance. Having less vibration is much better for your boat as well as its sensitive electronic devices. Apart from that, the frame is made to stop the boat from riding low for better gas mileage and less wind resistance.


Various users have varying needs and that is why ShoreLand’r provides a full line of authentic ShoreLand’r accessories. Everything from spare tires to load guides as well as swing tongues. Anything to make your trailer to fit your way of life.

Higher Resale Value

ShoreLand’r has created a distinctive, three step powder coating process that makes a deep luster, car style finish. This top quality finish offers long term protection from chipping and fading so that your trailer will always look better, for a longer period of time, while holding its value.

SHOCO Inc is your preferred ShoreLand’r dealer in the southeast. Call us to with your questions or to connect with a trained boat trailer specialist.


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