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Hoosier Tri-Toon BX325TT-12 5976
Hoosier Tri-Toon BX325TT-12 5987
Hoosier Tri-Toon BX325TT-12 5989
Hoosier Tri-Toon BX325TT-12 5996
Hoosier Tri-Toon Hydraulic for BX325TT-12 5980
Hoosier Tri-Toon Hydraulic System for BX325TT-12 5994
Hoosier Tri-Toon Tires for BX325TT-12 5984

Hoosier Boat Trailers

Do you want to take your pontoon boat to any body of water easily? What you need is the WFB Float-On Trailer. They are designed to help you launch your boat effortlessly in shallow water and provide improved features involving road handling. With its 84″ wide track axle, you are guaranteed to enjoy road stability.

The carpeted 2×4’s of the WFB Series softly hold the pontoons and allows better access. As a matter of fact, the Float-On trailer is completely adjustable and could take on the majority of pontoon boats. They are offered in 13 amazing models where trailers come in different configurations including single, tandem, as well as triple axel. Other options include tri-toon kits, electric brakes, disc, surge, spare tires, load guides, as well as galvanized finish.

The standard equipment are as follows:

  • treated bunks
  • 5 x 8 x 10″ wheels and tires
  • torsion axle that comes with a separate suspension
  • loading and unloading winch with a hook and strap
  • winch stand
  • step stand assembly
  • tongue jack
  • water proof tall lights
  • safety chains.

Regardless of the model you choose, the WFB Float-On trailers are made to improve your boating experience.

BX Box Tube Frame Boat Trailers

The BX Box Tube Frame Trailers are just like our tubular series, which is easy to maneuver. The primary difference is that the former comes with rectangular steel frames that provide additional strength for bigger models of pontoons. Today, pontoon boats with bigger outboard motors as well as additional accessories could be trailered wherever the users want with the Hoosier BX.

The BX is made to accommodate most twenty to thirty foot pontoons. Apart from that, the three axle and tandem configurations are provided with capacities between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds. This, together with the Hoosier’s flexible load equalizing torsion axle, will provide the BX with unparalleled road stability.

It also has other features like the frame stanchions, which are bushed for longevity and strength. Automatic brake winch, tie down loops, conformable latch that comes with a pin, tail light cage, as well as the 5.30 x 12 inch “D” range tires. Apart from that, electric winch, surge brakes, hydraulic lift system, I.O. kit as well as sturdy galvanized finish are provided as options.

The BX frame is offered in 44” and 48” widths, raised height of 30” maximum, axle base of 38”, and a minimum lowered height of 23”.

Classic Boat Trailers

The Classic Round Tube Trailer showcases our time tested and proven design that has the power to take on heavy loads between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds. It could also carry pontoons with lengths that range between 16 and 26 feet long. Its design comes with a width of 48” and its low center gravity significantly improves its road stability.

Every classic trailer showcases a distinctive cable, winch, as well as sheave system that lets the operator raise as well as lower the whole trailer frame. Once launched, there is an extended approach to the water thanks to the tongue extension, which gives additional trailer length during launch.

The features includes taillights that are water proof, tail light cases, 8 rubber rollers to protect the boat, adjustable trailer frame, safety cable, leaf springs, as well as 5.30 x 12 inch “D” range tires.

The SL 6570, 700, as well as the 725 series are offered in the market in 3 axle configurations and may or may not include brakes. The classic boat trailers are made for hauling pontoons with a maximum of 40 horsepower motors. A traditional front extension is likewise provided for pontoons that come with extended decks. Apart from that, front landing winch as well as tongue jacks are offered for additional trailering ease.

For owners of mini pontoons, we have a unique trailer to offer. Our Mini-Toon trailers. In terms of quality, the Mini-Toon trailers is the same as the Hoosier Trailers. But in terms of trailering, the former is easier to handle than the latter. They are available in two models and their bed lengths range from 12’ to 14’ and their weight capacity is at 1400 pounds. Made of durable steel that can stand up against harsh conditions, the Mini-Toon comes with a reliable torsion axle that comes with 12” standard tires, winch stand, adjustable bunks, as well as a front loading winch as well as strap.

Regardless of the size of your pontoon boat, SHOCO Inc has a trailer to fit your purpose. Call us today to speak with a representative.

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