Shorestation Boat Lifts

Shorestation Boat Lifts




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Product Information


Pontoon Log Rack

The double UltraBunks and full length GlideRail load guides cradle and channel the outer “logs” perfectly everytime. The unique kit is designed to work well with both tritoons and standard pontoons with tubes up to 29″.


Centering Device

The flex-action of these new guide posts make loading your boat easier than ever before. As the boat enters the lift they self-adjust to keep the boat centered for trouble-free loading every time.


Fully adjustable padded bow stop and motor stop.

Manual Lift SSV40120ms Screwleg BoatStop

Max. Load Capacity:  4,000 lbs.

Inside Width Between Posts:  120″

Lift Height:  48″

Overall Width (w/base pads):  11′ 4″

Hydraulic Lift SSV60120HS

Max Load Capacity:  6,000 lbs.

Inside Width Between Posts:  120″

Lift Height: 54″

Overall Width (with base pads):  11′ 4″


Hydraulic Lift SSV60120HS Base

Max Load Capacity:  6,000 lbs.

Inside Width Between Posts:  120″

Lift Height: 54″

Overall Width (with base pads):  11′ 4″


Convert  your manual lift with a  Friction Drive Motor with quick connect for use with  your boat 12 volt  battery

Hydraulic Pump Box ASM

Hydraulic Power Pack

The corrosion free powder-painted aluminum box protects the hydraulic pump and battery from the elements. Featuring a hinged lid for easy access, it mounts securely on the lift tube or can be placed on the dock with optional hydraulic hose extension kits.

Lift Leveler

Independently adjust each leg of your lift quickly and easily with the use of a cordless drill.

SS Solar Panel

Solar Battery Charging System

Power the lift with clean, free solar power. The speedy 20 watt charger features a solar regulator to prevent battery drain and protect your battery from permanent damage caused by overcharging.


Shorestation Boat Lifts

If you are searching for one of the most dependable and safest lifts that are available on the market today such as the Shorestation Hydraulic, DC powered Direct drive or perhaps the original manual lift. ShoreStation continues to be the front runner in the industry.

Solar-Powered Units

The lift can be powered by a free and clean solar power. The lift’s 20 watt charger comes with a solar regulator that will help stop the battery from getting drained and protects it from getting damaged permanently due to overcharging.

Wireless Remote

You can use the multi-functional remote, which is also water resistant, to regulate the ShoreStation boat lift. It comes with a two piece remote transmitter, each allowing you to program and operate at the same time.


Its pivoting aluminum/poly bunks require minimal maintenance. They are installed on durable support channels, which takes on the load.

Dockside Up/Down Operation

Did you forget where you placed the remote? You can just use the up/down switch with the key lock out installed on the lift.

Drop Side With Boarding Step

The boarding step offers easy and safe access to your boat. The aluminum step comes in color sand beige and is foot friendly. It mounts to drop side lift tube.

Reliable Design

With the many different factors in the marine environment, it is crucial to have a deliberate design. The high and dry build of the boat lift will keep the important electronic and hydraulic parts above the water, lessening their exposure to humidity and moisture. Apart from that, the DC operating system, which is powered by solar energy, gets rid of the requirement for an AC circuit on the dock, offering superior performance and safety whenever necessary. You can rely on this lift every day.

Protects Your Boat and Lift

The system is made to get rid of cable fatigue problems and protect it against critical failure. In addition, the hydraulics are pressure regulated to prevent damage to the lift and your boat.

Secure Boat Quickly

If you have a boat lift, you do not have to worry about the waves and winds from getting in your way. This is the fastest lift on the market today and it will offer you the confidence to land and secure your boat safely in conditions that are less than ideal.

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