Clear View

CLEAR VIEW KIT™ will cleean, restore and protect to extend the Life of All See-Through Plastics. Use on Hatches, Port Holes, Vinyl Curtains, Isinglass Windows, Compass and Instrument Domes to:

  • Protect Against UV Damage.
  • Restores Plasticizers.
  • Fills Small Scratches.

Kit includes: No.1 Cleaner / Restorer and No.2 Protector.

Simply apply CLEAR VIEW KIT™ No.1 with white dry cloth to clean and restore the clarity of plastic. Then apply CLEAR VIEW KIT™ No. 2 to extend its life and provide UV protection to keep the boat plastic looking new.

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Additional information

Weight .64 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 8 × 10 in