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Aurora Boat Care

The boating industry has changed over the years from wood boats to newer fiberglass models. Much like the advent of the personal computer which promised to make us a paperless society, fiberglass boats were claimed to be maintenance free. As with the personal computer, nothing could be further from the truth.

Part of the reason this claim is not true is that maintenance has evolved to mean something completely different in today’s boating world. Modern boaters know that proper maintenance helps to ensure the longevity of the boat and can prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Aurora Marine products is proud their label means more than just a bottle of cleaning products – their goal is to be a solution to a specific problem, desire or need. They respect the trust of their customers and distributors like SHOCO Inc. They pride themselves in offering a complete system to match a specific boat problem.

Aurora Products Exceed Customer Expectations

The goal of Aurora Products scientific team is meet or exceed the customer’s expectations in ease of use and professional results. Even a first time user can see these exceptional results simply by following the instructions.

Aurora Marine is proud to have assisted millions of boat enthusiasts around the globe increase their boating experience and the pride that boat owners take in the appearance of their water craft. Many of our customers have bragged about the Aurora brand and swear by the results of their shinning boats.

SHOCO Inc is proud to be a distributor of Aurora Boat Care Products. Have questions? Give us a call we can provide a solution.

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