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      Eric GrazianoEric Graziano

      2023 C0-Marketing Guide

      The Program

      The following guidelines will help you create advertising campaigns and promotional events

      with EZ Dock. This Co-marketing program is the only vehicle which funds are made available by

      Shoco Marine for advertising, sales promotion, and EZ Dock supplied Marketing Materials (Displays,

      Literature, etc.) purposes.

      How it Works

      A “Cooperative Marketing Fund” is established for each Dealer,

      consisting of an allowance based on 50% of their in-season purchases, for the current fiscal

      year (January 1 through December 31). Claims will be honored based upon approval from Shoco Marine.


      Important Note

      This Co-marketing program will only last for a limited time based on the amount of Dealers’ marketing submittals.


      Submitting a claim

      Please submit all claims to You must submit proof of the Comarketing

      expense. See the breakdown in the Reimbursement section to see what must be

      submitted and the percentage paid. Claims MUST be pre-approved by Shoco Marine.

      How claims are processed

      Upon receipt of the claim(s), providing we have sufficient proof of performance, the dealer

      will be issued a check as soon as possible.  All claims will be verified and approved by Shoco Marine, whose determination is conclusive.

      Examples of Qualified Marketing

      Direct Mail, Print Media, Displays, Radio Ads, Social Media Advertising, Google Ads, Wearables and Promotional items, Outdoor advertising, Boat shows, etc. Please contact Eric for more information.


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Eric Graziano

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