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      Swim ladder for docks by EZ Dock gives your waterfront more options. With a ladder, swimmers can more easily climb into and out of the water, even when water levels are low. For children, the elderly and those with mobility challenges, the right swim ladders for docks can mean the difference between getting to enjoy the water and being sidelined. At EZ Dock, we believe no-one should be excluded from swimming and fun in the water, which is why we’ve built sturdy, accessible swim ladders for residential and commercial uses. Our sturdy swim ladders make it easy to get to the water for a swim and allow more people to swim. If you have a lake or water system at home, a swim ladder lets more guests enjoy the water safely. If you own a business, a swim ladder for a dock can help you stay ADA-compliant and allows you to attract a wide array of customers and visitors.

      EZ Dock floating dock swim ladders are made from slip-resistant materials. When children and other users climb onto our swim ladders, their bare feet have a surer grip, and our sturdy handles and railings provide a safe, secure place to hold onto. Our highly versatile ladders can be used with EZ Dock products, your existing docks or other solutions. Our swim ladders for docks also provide a comfortable climb. The materials transfer less heat to skin in hot weather, helping to ensure a comfortable hold. And the surfaces are designed to be comfortable for hands and feet, allowing for hours of fun in the water.

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