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EZ Dock Solution Robalo on BP5001 Beaufort NC
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Product Information

Dock with 2 PWC Ports and Boat Port-D-Top
Dock with 2 PWC Ports and Boat Port-A-Main
Dock with 2 PWC Ports and Boat Port
1 EZ BoatPort Features



BP 2000 dimensions:

78″ wide x 164″ long

(88 square feet)



BP 3000 Dimensions:

117″ wide x 164″ long

(133 square feet)



BP 3001 Dimensions:

117″ wide x 222″ long

(180 square feet)



BP 4000 Dimensions:

78″ wide x 222″ long

(119 square feet)



BP 4000 Dimensions:

77″ wide x 281″ long

(150 square feet)



BP 5000 Dimensions:

117″ wide x 242″ long

(197 square feet)



BP 5001 Dimensions:

117″ wide x 281″ long

(228 square feet)

EZ Dock Boatport

Keeping your boat dry has never been so easy. The EZ BoatPort ® is a stable and simple drive-on, drive-off approach to docking for boats in a large range of weights up to 5,000 pounds. Bunks which can be removed and changed can suit hull shapes from flat-bottom fishing boats to deep-V shapes, making this an excellent option for a variety of boats including fishing boats, skiffs, sailboats and many more. The EZ BoatPort is available with side extensions for additional walk-around space and accessibility to the sides of your boat for covering, cleaning and  maintenance.

Which Floating Dock Right For You?

EZ Dock residential and commercial boat ports are a basic and fast solution if you need a low-maintenance, sturdy, secure, drive-on watercraft dock. You can call SHOCO Inc to talk about to talk about using the EZ BoatPort of personal as well as business applications or to discuss our personalized options.

Floating Dock Systems that are Easy To Install

Regardless of what kind of watercraft will be docking at your location or what your needs may be, we can locate the options you require. Our drive-on floating boat docks make docking a snap, even for less skilled boaters.

Best of all, EZ Dock floating boat docks allow you to spend more time on the water since our boat ports are completely maintenance-free. They are resilient as well as made to last. They will not rot or need to be repainted. Even in harsh waters or rough weather conditions, these boat ports remain secure, safeguarding boats better than numerous styles of typical ports.


  • Can be configured to fit a variety of boat sizes.
  • Keeps your investment out of the water to prolong the life of your watercraft
  • Self-floating chambers that fluctuate with the altering water levels
  • Works in a variety of slip spaces and with a variety of existing docks.
  • Can be utilized in as little as 2 ft. of water plus the draft of the boat.
  • No cranking, winching or hoisting
  • Floating EZ BoatPort kits available with several air assist choices


  • Skid bunk choices to fit a variety of hull sizes and shapes
  • Keel rollers are also incorporated into design
  • Air-assist kits available for more buoyancy
  • Side expansions for additional walk-around space are optional
  • To secure the watercraft to the port flip-up front cleat are availabl

Whether you’re trying to find a floating boat dock for smaller watercraft or a port for a bigger boat, we have the option for you.

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