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Product Information


80″ Low Profile Dock

78″ wide x 9’9″ long

(63.4 square feet)


80″ Low Profile Dock

78″ wide x 9’9″ long

(63.4 square feet)


80″ Low Profile Dock

78″ wide x 9’9″ long

(63.4 square feet)


Low Profile Docks

This low-profile dock is designed to meet the demands of rowers both as part of a team or individually. The freeboard height is extremely low to the water and very stable, allowing sure-footed launching, docking and from the ideal position for rowing.

Engineered to fulfill the requirements of either the individual or teams, the Low Pro Rowing Dock will help you get out on the water effortlessly.

Our two-stage displacement air chamber layout produces a stable atmosphere despite water height or conditions, giving you the confidence to focus on rowing.

This Low Profile Rowing Dock gives miraculous stability and convenience for you and your team. Created to satisfy FISA and USA rowing requirements, it’s a favorite among colleges, universities and clubs, offering crews of all varying sizes ease of access to the water when entering and leaving the water. With a modular layout, this rowing dock is easy to install and integrates perfectly into a variety of locations and special access needs for that location.

Low Profile Docks That Are Barefoot Friendly and Maintenance Free

  • These polyethylene rowing docks are slip resistant and durable
  • You will never need to repaint and they will not splinter
  • Easy cleanup with just soap and water

Flotation Protection Technology

  • Our two-stage displacement air chamber pylons supply incredible stability on the water.
  • Dock areas adapt conveniently to altering water levels and conditions

Ingenious Combining

  • Made of components which will never rot or seep chemicals into the water
  • Stamina as well as durability even in the toughest climate condition

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