EZ Dock Accessories

EZ Dock Accessories

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EZ Dock Accessories

Are you looking to make your waterfront more practical, fun, and accessible? Check out EZ Dock’s floating dock accessories! Our products work well with our EZ Dock system.

EZ Dock Accessories

Storage Boxes – with our dock storage boxes, you will have a place you can store ropes, vests, or other items that you need when you are close to water. You can easily store accessories, which means you no longer have to worry about packing things you need to bring when you go for a swim or a boating trip.

Benches – Our benches, including the Polyethylene Bench Kit, lets you enjoy the water even if you are not boating or swimming. You can sit comfortably while enjoying the water, supervising the kids, as well as other water uses. Our benches are also an excellent accessibility feature especially for those who cannot enter the water.

Ladders – younger members as well as seniors can get easy access and reach the water more conveniently with our swim ladder. For example, our EZ Float step ladder  comes with durable handles that makes it safe for everyone to get out of the water.

Dock Bumpers – Bumpers soften the impact of the boat when it bumps against the dock, thus protecting the equipment on the boat and the boat itself.

We are proud to say that all our products are made with the same safety, quality, and durability as our floating docks. Our docks as well as heavy duty accessories are safe for your customers, visitors, and you as well. They are all designed to stand up against the toughest weather, including hot and cold temperatures. Our EZ Dock products are used in different parts of the globe, even in locations with extreme weather conditions. All of our products are made to last and provide you with great value.

If you need more details and assistance in determine the best accessories for your dock, don’t hesitate to call SHOCO Inc. today.

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