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Tips For Maintaining Your New PWC

boat dockBuying a new PWC is a great investment. Moving forward from this day on, you are destined to have loads of fun on water. How long it will last will depend on you. If you want your personal water craft to last for several years, you need to maintain it regularly and provide it with its much needed TLC. If you don’t do this, then there’s nothing you can really do but stick it on the boat dock or trailer until next time. You might have fun now but that won’t last a long time for sure.

Do you want to enjoy your investment for the years to come? Listed here are five maintenance tips that can help extend the life of your watercraft.

Break The Engine In Correctly

Although it is quite tempting to push that throttle and tear your way across the lake using all the power that your new PWC can give. This kind of tough, arduous effort, is not what your personal water craft needs during the early phases of its life. As a matter of fact, this kind of high speed use could actually shorten your engine’s lifespan.

Your craft needs a proper break in period. Avoiding extended drag runs and varying speeds are involved when it comes to breaking in the engine. Generally, that means you have to practice patience as well as self-control. Keep off the throttle for now and you will reap the rewards later. The components would wear in and then polish on their own, creating those important tolerances that will surely give you performance benefits down the road.

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